The Life & Hard Times of My Lower Jaw

Another one...

Apparently when one is X-rayed while swollen – as one might be within 24 hours of being struck with an eruption of propane tank – the additional soft tissue can cloud the clarity of the image. And so we have this new panorex, taken Friday morning in Kitselano, which prompted my dentist to say something to the effect of, “Whoa, well, there’s a lot more going on there than we could see before.”

Uhh, yeah.

Anyway, that whole area has since been cleared out: teeth chips, root tips, and the one remaining tooth in the mess (previously named “George”) are but memories (though the hygenist who worked on me on Friday has promised to sterilize these various pieces to contribute to the commemorative necklace I hope to fashion from this labourious process), and my jaw is now healing in preparation for the installation of the titanium posts which will eventually support my new teeth.

I had thought it would be another while before this (most invasive) procedure would get to happen, and I would be on the upward trajectory toward a full recovery. But though it’s been a weekend rich in learning about the nature of blood clotting and couch-sitting (not to mention finding creative means of sleeping with many delicate stitches in one’s face), I am very glad to now be on the upswing, and to be surrounded, in life both personal & digital, by so many supportive, caring individuals who have made this time pass as enjoyably as possible.

A special shout out must also go to my students, who have not only been incredibly patient with thier oft-invalid teacher, but have been incredibly supportive to one another, especially as the TALONS’ eminent person study draws to a culmination in grand fashion. You have done incredible work to get to this point, and I look forward to being healthy and rested to see you celebrate your learning this Wednesday.