Jenna lands an Interview with her Eminent Person's biographer

In her search for primary information on her Eminent Person, journalist Nellie Bly, Jenna provides a great example of attaining, conducting and presenting the findings of her own interview:

As I remember, finding somebody to interview about your eminent person is a tedious task – to find someone who has extensive knowledge about, or in the field of your eminent person is a lot harder than it looks. Well this year, I happened to get really lucky and managed to get in touch with the author of Nellie Bly’s full biography, Brooke Kroeger. She is an journalist, author, professor, and the director at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University. Not only is she an outstanding person to look up to in the field of journalism, but she also dedicated her time to research the woman that inspired her to do what she does every day, and create an extensive source of information about Nellie, that otherwise not have been so widely available.

A young person with an aspiring interest in journalism, not only is Jenna’s choice of Bly as an Eminent Person led her into what sounded like an inspiring conversation with Brooke Kroeger:

[When I told her about my interest in journalism and how Nellie’s story really struck a chord with me]: What you experienced, young women have been experiencing for generations and you encounter her story, and it’s the reason why I became a journalist, it’s why so many women I knew became journalists and will probably lead you down this path. That should tell you a lot because there have been fantastic women journalists in the 120 years since,you know, fantastic; but there’s something about her story that is just magnetic. So what you’re experiencing is what I experienced and its the reason I wrote the book,  and its the reason I felt like her story should come down from the wafts of legend, which is where it sat because there really was no archive or anything. And I’m glad you encountered it. So that’s really important about her, she’s an enduring subject of fascination and that just says a l0t, don’t you think? So she has that kind of pollen power, and she retains it.

Read the rest of Jenna’s interview on her blog, A Unique Way of Keeping up with Reality.

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