A Unit Plan of One’s Own: Digital Pedagogy for Critical Citizenship

This paper, submitted in partial fulfillment of my Master’s of Education degree at the University of Victoria, is available in its entirety on the university space as a pdf you can download/view here.  Supervisory Committee Valerie Irvine & Tim Pelton (Co-Supervisors), University of Victoria Abstract This project addresses the trend toward political disengagement prevalent in […]

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Digital Environments, Emergent Knowledge & Citizenship Learning

EDCI 335 Challenge 10: What are the strengths/affordances of the technology or learning environment you have chosen for your learning design that will promote or facilitate learning? In preparing the TALONS socials units this semester, I have sought to align aspects of technology, assessment and unit planning within larger values of emergent epistemology and citizenship learning. By bringing these […]

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For the first time in what feels like a while, I took the almost the entire summer as vacation this year, and came back into school fresh with (albeit unfocused) enthusiasm and energy for September. By design or retro-active justification, I like to come into a new school year without too many preconceived ideas about […]

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