Edublogs Awards Nominations

It has only been the last few weeks that I have begun to feel as though I am a card-carrying member of the (edu)blogging community. For whatever time I had ceded while I studied French and creative writing, running track in the Deep South and moonlighting as an amateur rock critic, I have since made […]

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Notable Photables

It has become nearly a running joke in our class that, if we are to undertake an adventurous outing or major presentation, one of my sisters will surely be along to photograph & otherwise document the procedings. Last spring my youngest sister Lindsay joined us on the TALONS adventure trip and, fresh from her documentary […]

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To find your own way…

“To find your own way is to follow your bliss.” Joseph Campbell This past week I have had the supreme pleasure of witnessing a parade of grade nine eminent person speeches, each of which utilized a unique perspective and inspiration of creation that is the mark of a supportive cohort of learners and has set […]

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The Ethic of the Link

Hyperlinked writing is the most powerful form of writing. So begins Wesley Fryer’s excellent (linked) post in defense of the importance of learning to write using hyperlinks. Citing Shelly Blake-Plock’s hosting of the talk by Jay Rosen, entitled The Ethic of the Link. Check it out: When I first started using Wikis in my classes […]

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The Long Way Home

As a means of solidifying many photographs and words written long ago (2002), I will be posting subsequent chapters to this initial endeavor here. The summer I graduated from University, my younger sister and I worked at a Boy Scout summer camp in the Ozark Mountains, where I had interned the previous year. With the […]

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