Twitter Week for BC Educators

This afternoon I was sitting in the wonderfully rustic Minnekhada Lodge, discussing Formative Assessment with my colleagues for our school based professional development day. And as the day drew to a close, and our pro-d hosts encouraged the “continued discussion” of the day’s aims, I thought, “How I wish that everyone at our school used Twitter.”

If everyone at my school used Twitter, each of our individual voices could continue to be lent – even with minimal frequency – to the conversation surrounding our staff’s development. As classroom educators we are often Minnekhada Lodgestarved for dialogue with our colleagues, whom we often work within mere meters of and yet never engage with each others’ practice. The most valuable members of our learning networks are those with whom we share a personal connection, and this is easily (and perhaps most productively) forged with members of our school and district communities.

And so this afternoon I was happy to begin a week of Twitter education for BC Educators, where 150 of our province’s teachers and administrators (and others?) have come together to begin a dialogue uniquely possible through the use of the microblogging tool. The brainchild of James McConville & Grant Potter, the week promises to be an engaging opportunity to expand our local community and its conversation online.

Register now by clicking this link, and follow the conversation on Twitter under a search for #edtechbc!