Sentence Diagramming & Grammar Resources

We began sentence diagramming today (truly, that is; we have been studying grammar in the TALONS class now for almost two weeks, but that was all groundwork for today). Hopefully this driest of units (grammar) will eventually become a competitive and illuminating investigation of language that will help frame our spring-push through the English 9, 10 & (for some) 11 curriculum.

But in the meantime, the going will be tough. I will lecture. We will do endless exercises in a variety of formats, using student-generated examples, and there will be quizzes. A test.

For some, this will be enough. But in the vein of providing as much information, and as many resources as possible – such that, in my wildest fantasies, my students while away their evenings buried in syntax, prepositional phrases, and gerund-subjects – I offer this post as a means of preparing a compilation of grammar helpers for my young charges that I hope you will be able to help us compile into a Master List.

First off, everyone would do well to peruse the goings on in Mr. A’s class when it comes to sentence diagramming. Not only does he do a great job in the video below setting out the basics of our upcoming task, but has his class race one another in diagramming sentences, lending a special zest to this – less than titillating – English task.

Hopefully, this is merely a start. Please join us in the comments as we move forward with this unit, and share your own favourite grammar resources in the comments (students: you too)!