Saskatchewan Street Poetry

My sister saw this poem scrawled on a wall in Saskatoon in the summer of 2010, and shared it with us when she got back. I copied it down and carried it around in a journal for a few months before turning it into this song:


Grafitti by Bryanjack

2 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Street Poetry

  1. I really enjoyed this song. I first looked at the 2 pictures you have posted and focused on the atmosphere of where your sister saw this. The pictures really give a great setting for the song background. What is said in the song is true. If more people reflected on what they have within themselves they could stop chasing so many other things. I think most people do not realize that we have to find things for ourselves within ourselves. Others can help us find it but we have to have it for them to find.

  2. Mr. Jackson,

    You did an amazing job turning such powerful words into such an even more powerful song! I felt that I could really understand and connect with the message. I think that we do have to look deeper within ourselves before looking outside for what who we are and what we can do. People have to realize what they have and how well they do things instead of putting themselves down and reaching for more until they are completely disappointed in themselves and their lives. Thank you for sharing such a unique post!

    Jessica Brown EDM310 Student University of South Alabama

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