Poetry is Nothing

A few weeks ago I saw a post by my “Internet-twin” Jabiz Raisdana that included a few photos and a poem beginning, Poetry is Nothing…

Poetry is nothing… – Based on a poem by Jabiz Raisdana by Bryanjack

As I’ve had inspiration to do a few times before, I took Jabiz’ lines and picked up my guitar, began strumming a few chords, and almost immediately had the thread of a melody line to fit with the first stanza. Within a half hour, I had recorded a demo of the song, and sent it back to Jabiz.

This week, the poem continues to lengthen its tail, as I’ve introduced it to my guitar class.

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  1. Bravo to you and your talented students on a wonderful performance. I was tapping my foot the entire time. I love the sound of an acoustic guitar. I find it to be very therapeutic especially after a hectic day.

    We all need to do as the poem states and stop and listen and absorb the moments around us. We live in a world where the rate of speed is almost always at full speed ahead. I am inspired by your creativity and find your teaching style to be engaging. You push your students to think and learn in a new way. Every single one of them were absorbed in the act and were “listening”.

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