Powell River Vocal Summit

As a guitar teacher at Gleneagle, I am priviliged to enjoy many of the magical exploits of our performing arts department. In concerts, tours and festivals over the past few years, I’ve increasingly brought along recording and editing tools in my Macbook & other digital toys to preserve the fleeting nature of jaw-dropping live performances.

This year, I found myself with our Vocal Jazz and Choir singers up the BC coast in Powell River, for the annual Vocal Summit that brings in talented youth and adult choirs from across the province, as well as a few of our southern neighbours, and was able to bring home the following treasures (in addition to the video compilation added above).

You can find video of the Friday mass-choir rehearsal, led by Scott Leithead, and Gleneagle’s evening showcase performance of “Baba Yetu” by clicking their respective links in this sentence.

Africa – Toto Vocal Jazz cover live at the Powell River Vocal Summit by GleneagleMusic

Shenandoah – live at the Powell River Vocal Summit by GleneagleMusic

Battle of Jericho – Concert Choir live at Powell River Vocal Summit by GleneagleMusic

2 thoughts on “Powell River Vocal Summit

  1. Wow, this was truly amazing! I especially loved the African piece. In my college course edm310 we discuss and blog regularly on how technology can enhance our careers and daily living; you guy’s video was a testimony to that statement. There are so many things that technology allows us to do nowadays and it is just remarkable! I am not sure if you have seen this video Eric’s Whitarce’s Virtual Choir, but your video reminded me of it and maybe you guys could try doing this in the future!

  2. This is great. I am on the Vocal Summit Committee and I hope to see you back here for Vocal Summit 2013 on April 26th and 27th. Thanks so much

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