The Thirty Person Rock Band

Among the more ambitious spontaneous projects I’ve attempted as a teacher, the 30 Person Rock Band project came out of a conversation with my guitar class about what our next endeavour should be: songwriting, another recording of individual or group progress, a performance, or… something a little bigger. Something we’ll discover as we go, together.

So to start, we are asking for input: we don’t yet know even what we don’t know, and in the interest of finding a suitable starting point, we are hoping that you might help us with the initial creation of individual and collective responsibilities. We’re hoping that, whether you’ve played in a band or not, you might be able to help us delegate responsibilities to make the 30 Person Rock Band Project a collaborative and successful undertaking.

2 thoughts on “The Thirty Person Rock Band

  1. not sure I left an email in my submition earlier, with the madia stuff and this advise comment: (Of a band of 30 people this will be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done, and would take the hard effort of each individual person in the organization. The larger variety of instruments played by people the better. If all people are wanting to play I suggest splitting into something like east and west band. This can be used to alternate and everyone plays. I think I would also be an interesting idea to make this it a more of a rock orchestra. With this many people you can create epic synth music that is usually made by one person on a computer, live. But then each person would have to play something different.)

    1. This is awesome advice Dmitri! Thanks for the tips. We’ll be at some experiments in mass-music making again this semester and I’ll be sure to think of ways to bring a wider variety of instruments and sounds into our creations.

      Cool stuff!

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