(Recorded) Live at #CUEBC!

CUEBC Radio Session

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to hook up with the CUEBC conference organizers in time to access the bypass on the wifi/landline connection that was preventing our session broadcast from going out live on the air. But the hardy souls who joined me to discuss distributed web radio took the challenge in stride and still managed to create what amounted to some golden radio moments in their first foray on air.

After introducing some of the history and heritage of both DS106 Radio and 105 the Hive, our group set about brainstorming some of the themes and ideas circulating at the conference. We talked about how the prospect of digital web radio confronted aspects of the “disruptive” narrative that is often sold (literally in many cases) to educators and schools and how it might provide a meaningful platform to amplify the voices of learning in our lives and classrooms.

And then we set about recording a broadcast.

Blair Miller, who showed up with a digital recorder or his own, hit the hallway during the break between sessions to interview vendor reps, students, and conference participants on what they thought about the prospect of ‘making’ in schools, and the rest of us plotted brief introductions to our show and how the broadcast might unfold. With Blair back a few minutes later and GarageBand set up on my Mac to record, we had a brief discussion that leads to his hallway interviews and captures our thoughts on the session.

Thanks to Noble, Brent, Errin, Carl, Francis, Blair and Chris for making the session what it was, and jumping in with both feet! I hope you enjoy how the show turned out, and we hear from you on the radio soon.

3 thoughts on “(Recorded) Live at #CUEBC!

  1. It might be surprising that at the provincial “computer using” educators’ >conference being held in the most affluent district in British Columbia, >neither the school wifi or ethernet would allow us to broadcast live from >our session yesterday afternoon

    Hi Bryan, you should have let us know. We had the technology there to bypass that.


  2. Mike, thanks for the heads up! Our thought was that with so many folks online, perhaps the pipe was merely full. I’ve edited the opening of the post to reframe the problem.

  3. Hi Bryan! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise and providing a great opportunity to learn and connect at the conference Friday. I just read your previous post and I think you did a wonderful job of letting the group be within the moment and create on the spot. I was so done by that part of the day (in a good way, though!) and the last thing I wanted was to hear all about another tool or another idea or another website. Your session was perfect for me. I learned a bunch without feeling overwhelmed and working as a group felt natural – not bad for a random group at a conference! I enjoyed listening to the show after the long drive home last night and I’m so happy to finally have met you! Thanks again!

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