A Unit Plan of One’s Own: Digital Pedagogy for Critical Citizenship

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This paper, submitted in partial fulfillment of my Master’s of Education degree at the University of Victoria, is available in its entirety on the university space as a pdf you can download/view here

Supervisory Committee

Valerie Irvine & Tim Pelton (Co-Supervisors), University of Victoria


This project addresses the trend toward political disengagement prevalent in Canadian youth and posits that a new approach to citizenship curriculum could create the contexts for a renewed potential in our pluralist democracy. By adopting a framework of citizenship as shared fate, the project presents a malleable unit plan offering potential for a critical citizenship curriculum that may be supplemented by the use of digital tools on the open web. By supplementing the physical classroom space with open publishing platforms, the project presents a framework for unit planning in the service of pluralist ideals.

Chapter 1: Introduction of the Project

Personal and Critical Approaches

Running, writing and living: making the means the ends
Teaching to the limit (situation)

Project Overview

Learning in public: the networked professional

Chapter 2: Literature Review


Citizenship Curriculum as a Response to Digital Shock

Apathy and Oligarchy in the Public Sphere

Toward a Critical Citizenship

Critical Citizenship for the Digital Age

Chapter 3: A Unit Plan of One’s Own


The Role of the Teacher (or Class) Blog

Unit Components

First position
Document of learning in progress
Planning for summative assessment
Summative capture
Reflection / self-assessment
Midterm / final examination

Assessment Methods, Feedback, and Grades

Assessment methods

Chapter 4: Discussion of the Project


Professional Beliefs and Educational Philosophy

Professional Implications



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