Inspired by Grant Potter’s Prince George commute, I did a similar experiment in order to share a few minutes of transit in Port Moody.

With a little help from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s Deep Dark Woods‘ “All the Money I had is gone.”

Film aficionados may recognize the blur of the country store – just after I make the first right – featured in such major motion pictures as Christopher Guest’s Best in Show.


  1. Love the idea of bringing attention to the mundane and calling it art. Just curious why you chose to go with the B&W effect?

    Great song….

    • Thanks, folks! Always loved the way stuff like that looks – probably since I saw Waking Life. In the higher def version the reflection in the hood of the car is a fluid mirror of the treeline and cars ahead of me (but my hard drive is pretty full, so I’ll need to clean up some space before I can share the proper edition).

      Glad you enjoyed!

  2. I love the texture of this video.

  3. Love the penciled-in look of the video … great idea.

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