Third Peak Stewamus Chief In 2013 I began my Master’s of Education at the University of Victoria. Here are a collection of papers and assignments I’ve completed for my various classes in the time since.

EDCI 515 | E-RESEARCH: Harnessing and Understanding Technology in Research

Identifying a Research Problem
Blog as Prologue
Social Science and Catching Light
 Learning and Metaphysics
#Eminent2014 in Motion 
Reclaim TALONS 

EDCI 591 | Interactive and Multimedia Learning Theory

Self-Explanation and Reflections on Metaphysics
Self-Explanation Principle, Remixed 
Reflection, Self-Explanation and Citizenship 
Course Design and Narrative Discovery 
Rising to Meet the Eminent Speech
An Ignite Presentation: No Handbook for Transcendence 
(Recorded) Live at #CueBC 
Live at #CueBC 

EDCI 532 | Emerging Trends and Topics in Curriculum Studies

The Digital Age and Curriculum in British Columbia
Emergent Citizenship: Curriculum in the Digital Age 
Epistemology, Pedagogy and Democracy in the Digital Age Bibliography (created for EDCI 591 | Research in Curriculum and Instruction in Educational Technology)
“Moments happen quickly, and change comes slowly.” 
Precis: A Critical Consideration of the New Pedagogy in its Relation to Modern Science
Curriculum as Black Box 
EDCI 335 | Introduction to Learning Design

EDCI 338 | Social Media and Personalized Learning

Project Proposal Ideas
An Ethical Online Course
Project Updates
Citizenship Learning and the Project of Enlightenment


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