Even before I changed my major from Biology/Chemistry to Creative Writing, I have long been a fan of creating fictions with words. I wrote stories as a kid that my mother dutifully helped me bind into first editions keepsakes that turn up on birthdays and around dusty photo-albums these days, lived in an almost all-encompassing world of my own imagination, and eventually came to my senses that maybe science wasn’t the best use of these infatuations once I’d turned 19.

Since then I’ve been an English teacher, a songwriter, an editor, and found moments in time over the last ten years to continue to develop a catalogue of words, some of which I have collected below.

Marquezologue A dramatic monologue mashup of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ various fiction and memoirs. 

The Long Way Home A longread journey across Canada, beginning in the Ozark foothills the summer after I graduated from university. 

Why Sharing our Stories Matters My essay contribution to the Unplug’d 2011 Educational Summit publication Why __________ Matters. 

Why Learning Outside Matters A follow-up to my Unplug’d essay, I wrote this reflection on a few weeks spent teaching in the woods. 

On Teaching and Learning Thoughts on citizenship and constructivism as a teacher and student. 

The Digital Age and Curriculum in British Columbia Final paper in a curriculum studies class for my master’s coursework. 

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